Style is universal. Yet it can also prove to be quite subjective, as well. And as a homeowner, you have to be aware that style also plays a huge part in determining how you can be able invite new people or make new friends with some neighbours based on the strength of how “impressive” your house is. Or, at the very least, how they would comment when they see your Bali hut standing in the middle of your backyard.

We’re all people. And as people go, it pays for every one of to be at least sociable. And yes, even if it means having to spruce up something as “insignificant” as a gazebo, you still have to go and do it because… well, street cred and all that jazz.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the only thing you have to worry about are the Bali hut plans you need for your purpose. And before you get overboard with your awesome ideas, be aware that not every thought you have in your mind can be transformed into a beautiful reality… but at least that’s a start. And we’ll help you on your path.

Without further ado, here are some fab ideas we have for Bali hut plans that may give your property that extra boost of sunshine it really needs.

Bali hut plans

  • Custom countertops

Bali huts are indeed beautiful. However, its purpose for functionality may leave something to be desired, if one only considers how most Bali huts look and work similarly to each other.  For instance, whilst you can always fashion a round table in the middle of your Bali hut, this makes its usage completely limited to those using that particular structure.

Hence, if there’s a good reason to build a separate countertop inside your Bali hut, then the above would be it. And whilst you can choose to annex a wooden countertop with your Bali hut, one made of sounder material—like natural stone or even limestone, for instance—can also be a great addition to the stability of the structure.

Of course, be reminded that some you may need some design modifications to make the hut a more suitable place to hang around in; having a gradually downward sloping countertop at the edges, for example, can be useful for allowing moisture like rainwater to drain straight to the ground.

  • Outdoor kitchen

If there’s anything that the outdoors are made for, it’s barbeques. And since you already have a likely space for where you can do some old-fashioned cooking (i.e. your Bali hut), then you can already build a little kitchen where you don your “kiss the cook” apron.

Of course, be reminded that the setup for your kitchen should be as modest as the hut which is housing it. Hence, the most you would probably need is a grill or a portable stove, though you can always set up some fixtures for your purpose.

And we conclude another post this time around. Now then, implement these Bali hut plans and get to work on your own dream space!

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